videos don't play in full before jumping to next slide

Jan 23, 2019

Hi there, I've had this issue many times without a full solution. I have a number of slides in a project with mp4 videos inserted into them. The videos play fine when the slide first comes up, but often the video stops midway and doesn't continue playing and jumps to the next slide if the slide trigger indicates to jump to next slide upon media completion, or just stops and hangs on that slide if there is no trigger to jump to the next slide. Given how video heavy many of our projects are, this is incredibly frustrating.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kristine,

I can see how frustrating this is, especially since you've shared the previous examples with Leslie and me over 9 months ago and as a part of a case with Gerald. In the earlier discussion, it looks like you hadn't replicated this yourself to determine a particular environment or setup of your learners, has that changed?

The case with Gerald was still open as I see in the email exchange he was waiting for some additional information from your LMS provider. I'll give him a heads up that you're still hitting this roadblock. 

We'll stick with you to figure it out! 

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