Videos freezing after updating courses to html5 content

Oct 01, 2020

Since I did a recent update to some of my courses I'm getting random reports of storyboards with video objects that will freeze before the video ends. If the user exits the course and returns to that slide it will freeze at the exact same frame in the video. I can't duplicate it here and I suspect it is browser related but I haven't been able to troubleshoot directly with a user yet. 

Has anybody else seen this behavior?..


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Katie Riggio

Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing to us. I haven't seen that behavior yet, but I'm keen to see if we can find a trend!

  • What version of Storyline are you using? Click the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • How did you insert the videos (from a file, website, web object)?
  • Is the course hosted on a web server or an LMS?
  • Any trend in the browser used to view the content?

Once you share those clues, I'll try to replicate the freezing in the same setup on our side.

Brian  Steers

Hi Katie

I'm currently using the latest storyline build, although when I published the courses it may have been the previous build.

I built the courses a few years ago but they were always videos inserted from a file. It does seem to be the slides where I combined 2 files and created 1. These were imported as wmv files. I have other video storyboards and at first glance it looks like they were all mp4's

The courses are hosted on an LMS (Absorb). I do have the same courses hosted on Scorm Cloud and dispatched to other LMS's but I don't think I've had any reports of freezing yet. 

I'm trying to get some browser info but so far only 1 user has provided that  

I still can't duplicate the issue in that version tho

Brian  Steers

Hi Leslie

They have been able to move forward by switching browsers so I don't want to add any more tasks for them to do. They are both on my Absorb LMS

I do have another interesting wrinkle that just occurred though. I had another report of this happening with a course that I haven't updated in over a year (it was published as html5 with a flash backup) so that kinda throws out my theory that it had something to do with my recent updates to html5. 

The only commonality now is that it's occurring with fully current versions of chromium based browsers (chrome and edge so far) so maybe I'll get lucky and it'll just peter out after a few browser updates. 

I am going to try replacing the wmv file with an mp4 as those are the only storyboards that this occurs on.. 


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