Videos not playing in Firefox (not HTML5 version)

Hi all,

I am having an issue with a client who isn’t able to view the videos (all MP4s) in the published course with Firefox that I have produced for him using SL2. The course plays fine for him in Explorer and does not seem to be the HTML5 version in Firefox which I know is not supported by SL2 for HTML5.

As you can see from the screenshot he sent below, this seem to indicate it is the story.html and not story_html5.html that is playing in the browser.

I thought this could be a browser security issue perhaps but not sure, any ideas?



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David Tait

Are your videos embedded or linked to from the web? Also, is your course being deployed via a LMS?

The reason I ask these questions is that I encountered an issue previously where YouTube videos with the http prefix (as opposed to https) would not play in a LMS that used https.

Using the https prefix on the YouTube videos fixed my particular issue.

Haydn Howard

Hi David,

The videos are embedded within Storyline so imported into SL2 and then published. The course is hosted on Amazon S3 which is recommended by Articulate in their publishing topic here:

It worth noting that I have no issues with the course playing the videos in Firefox or any other browser for that matter. I have made the suggetion to ensure they have the latest version of Flash Player and Firefox installed but any other thoughts would be good.