View Freeform text answers in LMS

Feb 28, 2023

I have a need for the instructors to be able to see (although not grade) student's answers for freeform questions.  The learning activity is writing sentences based on prompts.  The student then sees a sample and rates themselves.  However the instructors, while not assigning a grade to the student for this activity, would like to see what the students types.  I am using Blackboard (original recipe) not Ultra.  I have tried following the directions here, but this test file is not giving me student answers.  Under Learner response, in Blackboard it lists N/A. 

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Brian Grindley

Hi, I have been trying to do this myself and the only way I have found is to go to the slides tab and add a survey question (Essay). This will give you a text field. Then add a results slide and link it to the essay slide. Publish has to be set to Completed/Incomplete and it needs to be Scorm 2004.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Nadine, 

I'm glad to see that the community has already responded to your inquiry. Just to add to Brian's response, here's a helpful article on adding Results Slides to Storyline 3 projects: 

If you're willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a case with our support team, we can take a look at how you setup your slides to pass data to an LMS. We'll delete it afterwards!