Visited Block not registering as visited and ghost audio on click

Two weird issues going on here and I'm desperately in need of someones assistance ASAP.

The first one is when I click the USA logo at the start I sometimes hear the audio of a video start to play, but there is no video associated with that icon.

Two, can anyone think of why the a block in my project isn't registering as visited until I've visited the block twice? For instance, when I click "navigation/hiring dashboard" and go through the video and quiz and then return to the main menu it doesn't show as visited (grey), but if I do the same thing again it does. Very odd behavior. Any help that someone can give ASAP would be greatly appreciated! The project is due on 7/24! Eeeeeek

The file is 10 MB over the limit so below is a link to Box where you should be able to gain access to the file. Thanks in advance!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Christopher

Issue 1 - reorder the triggers so that the variable trigger is set before the jump trigger and see if that works for you

Issue 2 - which menu slide are you talking about the USA one or the UK one?


I re-ordered the triggers and have done a Peek Video for the US branch - I don't hear any audio/video until it gets to the slide 2.1 - also the menu is changing to visited as expected.