Volume Difference between HTML5 and Flash Publication

May 07, 2018

Hello Everyone,

i'm trying to change the Publication-Format of a course that was created in SL2 from Flash to HTML5. I'm working with Storyline 360. So i updated the .story-file and everything looks good in Stroyline 360. I noticed that the Volume for my HTML5-Output is lower than the Flash-Version which we are currently running in our LMS. First i thought this might have something to do with the LMS or SL2. But the volume differnce is also there when i publish my updated SL360-course to Flash.

Can anyone tell me why the published flash-version is louder?

Thanks in advance.


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Crystal Horn

Hello Georg!  Thanks for sharing your .story file.  I was able to publish for web and play it back in a few different browsers to compare.  Here's my output of your course.

I made a Peek showing what I heard.  Since the audio volume was consistent for me, can you let me know if you're hearing the difference in all browsers?  Do you hear the difference with my output?

Georg Volmer

Hey Crystal, thank you for the Recording and your Output. As you suggested, i ran a test in different browsers. Results were

  • Edge: HTML - NO SOUND at all // Flash - normal volume
  • Internet Explorer: same volume for both
  • Firefox: HTML slightly lower volume // Flash - normal volume (my original problem)

So i tried to make a peek to show you and SURPRISE i found out that the cause for all this is my headset. If i run the same test with the speakers of my notebook as audio output there is no difference. All the diffences stem from the Plantronics Headset, which is used throughout our organization. This Headset seems to have a problem with the sound of the html Output in certain Browsers. Guess i will have to talk to our it department.

I probably should have found this out myself.. So i thank you for your time and effort!


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