Create a on/off or toggle butto

Aug 23, 2018

Hi, It's been a while since I've done dev work.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can - (Yes, I know it's super 1st grade SL STUFF.....I'm a noob all over again....sigh).

1. When user clickS on button to show either a layer or the text box. Using this as additional info after video plays e.g. "More info" button.

2. Some users don't mind the textbox remaining and moving on, but others want to click the button to hide the info text box .

I did the initial hide and when user clicks the text will show, but I'm not sure about to hide again on next click. 


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Phil Mayor

That KB article is a little misleading. You don't need a variable to do a toggle button just create a button or shape with a selected state and no visited state, this will toggle. To create an event that toggles add to triggers to that button one to do something when the state is equal to selected and one to do something when it is not selected, much easier and doesn't need you to monitor the state of the variable when the slide is revisited.

Robert Danklof

Hi there, i set-up a page with multiple small i-buttons. The buttons triggers slidelayers. the selected/visited state option does not work well when useing multiple layers and buttons.

Storyline have a hoover restore option. Articulate, It will really help if there will be standard toggle function.