Wav pattern not aligning with actual audio

Apr 27, 2021

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this or if they have an answer for me but I'm experiencing the following.

When I import an audio file (standard wav file) I see the audio wav form in the builder just fine.  At the start of the slide the audio plays back as expected where the audio and the wav pattern are in alignment pretty much which makes it easy for me to do my animations or line up text to audio.  However, the further I move down the timeline, the more the audio and wav pattern move out of sync to where I end up getting a lot of latency.  My files run on average no more then 2 minutes.  

This is very frustration because now I'm unsure on where to align my animations.  Which is accurate?  The wav pattern or the audio playback?  I will say this.  It seems as though this has got worse lately so I'm wondering if something was done in a recent release to cause this.  

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Graham!

I'm sorry you're running into issues with audio in your course! We're here to help.

I'd like for our Support Engineers to work with you directly to determine what is getting in the way. I've started a support case on your behalf with their team. You should've received an email confirming that a support case was submitted and in that email is an upload link where you can privately upload the .story file. We'll continue the conversation in your support case!