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I am trying to insert a web object. Storyline told me I had to load the webobject (a website) in a new browser window when I tested the link. So I wanted to add a screenshot of the site to the web object.  I use right-click > replace picture > picture from file. After I select the file I get an error report. I've tried closing the project, making a new web object, restarting, but I still get the error. 

What else could I try?


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Jess Grossmann

Hello Michael, 

Unfortunately that would work if my content was displayed on the slide but the website I am using will not display on the slide so I have to use another browser window.

I set up the web object to Display in a new browser window. and I unchecked Load web object automatically.

I am following Storyline's advice to replace the grey content with a picture as nothing will display on the slide. This is from the help topic:

it's helpful to give your web object placeholder a meaningful image, so learners know what it is. To do so, right-click the web object placeholder and select Change Picture. Browse to the image you want to use and click Open.

I am trying to change the picture as described above and I get an error message every time.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jess,

I took a look at your file and I do get an error with your specific file, but it works for me otherwise. I'm attaching my sample file.

Curious if the issue happens in any course you are working on or just this particular one?

If you cannot re-create the issue in a new course, I would advise to import the file into a new one and proceed.

Jess Grossmann

Hi Leslie,

It happens in all courses. I made a new course and inserted a web object and tried to replace the picture, same error. 

Also when I imported the old story into a new file it had the same error.  I read in the elearning challenge that someone else is having the same problem.

Could it be because I am in trial?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jess,

The trial is a full version of the software (minus some Content Library pieces within Articulate 360) so that shouldn't be causing any trouble for you. 

What's the exact error message you're seeing? Also, where is this picture located that you're trying to add into the course? I'd make sure it's on your local drive/C: drive to link as working from a network or shared drive is known to cause issues.

Greg Brown

Hi all, sorry to resurrect an old post, but I'm having the exact same issue. Couldn't replace the picture in my current project, created a new one and tried it there as well with no luck. Same error every time, it just says "Articulate Storyline Error Report". It never actually closes Storyline, but this error pops up every time. Picture is on the local hard drive. I tried creating web objects on the web (i.e., "http://www.google.com"), and also tried creating web objects from local files (i.e., "index.html"), and both preview and load correctly in the project. The only thing that throws the error is trying to change the image.

Running Storyline v3.34.20804.0

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hello, Greg. I'm sorry you're hitting that error!

We have an open issue in Storyline 360 where replacing the image of a web object results in the Articulate Storyline Error Report message. I'll share your experience in our report so we can notify you of any changes in this bug's status!

For now, would it work for you to use the Open URL/file trigger on an image? (Here's how to set that up!)