Web Object Transparency

Oct 17, 2012

Hello all,

I am loading a web object, which is an html page that has an embedded swf. The html has a transparency parameter, but when I run the story, the web object has a white background. This is being published to CD to run via an .exe.  Will Storyline support web object transparency if it's defined in the index.html?


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Susan Jones

I was able to fix the transparency issue by adding a line of code in my html files before the stage tags..

just before the call to stage.start():


This seems to be working in safari, chrome and firefox 25.0.1 - but not in IE (obviously doesn't support html5 that I am using). I am however, running into an issue with the layering of the imported web objects. They are always taking the top most layer - so when I open popups or menus/resources layers in my course, they are hiding behind the web object. 

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