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Apr 03, 2014

Hi! I'm developing an e-learning presentation in Articulate Storyline. I inserted a web object that directs the user to a website with an online quiz (while still displaying in the slide). Everything about the web object is functioning properly, except that once they begin the quiz the option to navigate to the next slide in the presentation disapears. The "next" and "previous" buttons are available when the web object first loads, but they disappear once they begin taking the quiz. Is there a way to fix this so my clients can advance to the next slide in the presentation after the web object gives them their results from the quiz? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Morgan and welcome to Heroes! 

Is the web object blocking the next/previous buttons on the player - or are they just removed all together from the presentation? Have you checked to confirm that the individual slide properties are set up to include the next/previous button on each slide? Are you able to share the Storyline file here with us so that we could take a look at the behavior? 

Morgan Meliski

Thanks for getting back to me, Ashley!

I do have the slide set up to include the next/previous button on each slide. There is a chance the web object is blocking the next/previous buttons on the player. Here is the Storyline file so you can take a look at it. The slide is titled "Money Personalities Quiz" in the second scene. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Morgan,

Thanks for sharing your file here. When looking at it, I was able to confirm that the web object was overlapping the player, and unfortunately this is a known issue that has been reported to our QA team.  Unfortunately I don't have an update on a fix yet or a timeline to share, so in the meantime I'd suggest launching your web object in a new window so that the user can still navigate with the player controls and not have it hidden behind the web object. 

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