What else do people use Storyline for?

Oct 09, 2012

     So, I was just curious, what else has everyone here created a Storyline project for? I've had to create my own test and not use the storyline built in features and I love this because Storyline is so open ended. The simplicity of its variables make it a very powerful tool. I was curious to what other users of Storyline have ended up creating other than eLearning courses.

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Steve Gannon

Hi Jesse,

Among other things, I have used Storyline to create a facilitator-led webinar. The presentation has no visible controls. The facilitator uses keypresses and hidden hot spots to build content on the slide and navigate between slides.

I also created a couple of "wizards" for technicians in the field. In this case they use an iPad to walk through a series of questions and then some calculations are performed, giving them the appropriate numbers they need to perform the work they're doing.

Endless possibilities really...

Steve Gannon

GanTek Multimedia

Jesse Spinella

@ Matthew... great idea with the interactive advertisements ... many possibilities if you add qr codes, etc. I can see that being very useful at a trade show on a table/booth with a computer running, people can come and see a 'portfolio' of the company / artist / author, etc and grab a qr code as it pops up.

@ Eric, I've thought of a few reference guides to create for different uses, the interface would be very useful in an office with a lot of products. one could quickly make a glossary, or interactive brochure even.

good ideas.

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