What's the easiest way to restrict navigation in Storyline?

Aug 30, 2012

What's the easiest way to restrict navigation in Storyline? We need to lock a course down so learners are forced to view every slide. (Sucks, I know.) This is easy to do in Presenter, but I'm not quite sure how to easily do this in SL.

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Eric Nalian

Hey Laura,

I have to do my courses this way as well...Here is what you can do:

To do this, you can first hide the Prev/Next buttons.  This is done in the Story view - for each slide, you will have to uncheck the little boxes for Prev and Next.  After this, you will have to create some custom controls on each slide.  You can move onto the next slide automatically 'When the media completes' (Audio), or have a 'Continue' button appear at an appropriate time.

Let me know if you need additional information/sample files.

Deborah Fusco

Here's a simple way.  Click on Player in your tool bar.  Then choose the Menu.  Choose Additional Options (looks like a gear down on the bottom).  In the Navigation Restrictions drop down, select Restricted.

It automatically disables the Next button until the timeline ends on each slide and prevents the user from jumping forward from the menu if you display it.

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