What Storyline files do I copy into my LMS for publishing

Jul 18, 2014

I'm using Windows 7.0

LMS: Moodle

I just purchased Storyline so I'm really new to the product but just came off of using Captivate 6 (thank goodness). When in Captivate I would publish my files and then store three of those files into my LMS - I would copy the files and place them into a file in Moodle. Now I'm wondering which files do I need to copy and store into my LMS from Storyline?

Anyone have any ideas?

Any suggestion would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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Joseph Lancaster

I have another issue. My E-induction course project is extremely long -12 chapters, and may be up to 50 Mb ). I am not sure if I need to chunk them up into 12 projects (or if it could be done) and upload them onto my LMS, having them run after the other sequentially, when students click "next"?

Can anybody help answer?

Dennis Hall


I answered your similar post minutes ago.

Use the features of your LMS. This is the best solution.

BTW: If you think uploading a 50MB course is large, wait until you really get going. If you It department will not allow for a 50MB course to be uploaded to your LMS, your management should get involved and allow you 100 Mb or more (by default). Over time, you may find your will need much larger upload limits.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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