What we’re doing about Flash (updated 01/16/2020)

NOTE:  The discussion below is now outdated.  For the most updated information on how the end of Flash affects Articulate apps and courses, please click here.

You may have heard that Adobe is phasing out support for Flash in 2020. We’ve known that Flash has been on its way out for some time. To make sure we’re ready, we’ve been working hard to build tools that’ll fit your needs today and in the future.

We’ve been shifting to HTML5 for several years. That’s why Articulate 360 and Storyline 3 have HTML5-first or HTML5-only publishing options, making it easy for you to create e-learning that relies only on HTML5. You can read a bit more about our shift towards HTML5 here.

For your existing courses, you have a couple of options:

  • If you included HTML5 as a part of the published output, you can point to that directly over the Flash version and make sure your users are viewing the course in a supported HTML5 browser. Here’s how.
  • You can update your courses using Articulate 360 or Storyline 3, and publish for HTML5 only.

Articulate 360 is officially Flash-free, so the Flash Player isn’t required to use any Articulate 360 apps.  The same is true for Storyline 3.

Storyline 2 and Studio '13 rely on Flash for authoring.  We recommend that you upgrade to Storyline 3 or Articulate 360 since these applications do not have any Flash dependencies.

UPDATE (01/16/2020): Edited to link to this article.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

We're aware of some issues folks had with SL2 and the HTML5 output - it's something we shared with our QA team and helped drive the focus for Storyline3 and Articulate 360 on HTML5 output and making that experience the best it can be. Take a look at the trial and let me know if you have any questions about upgrading! 

Mandar Phadke

I am evaluating Storyline 3. All my old animations are swf files, they run well in Storyline 1, but how do I use them in Storyline 3? Is there any converter that can convert the swf animation to a video (avi or mp4 file). I tried a lot of the online ones and one PC based one (Wondersoft Converter) but the conversion results in only the last frame of the animation being displayed in  the video. Is anybody else having this issue? Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mandar,

The SWF files are still supported in Storyline 3, but if you publish with HTML5 first or only those files will not play in the HTML5 output. 

We don't have a converter inside Storyline, outside of file types being re-encoded to MP4s, but that doesn't happen for SWF files. 

I hope you're able to find a conversion tool that fits your needs! 

Fabio Brugnoli


I'm hoping you can help with an issue that I'm sure is Flash/HTML5 related.


I've published a variety of courses using Storyline2 with the option of including HTML5 output as well as the standard Flash output without a problem. All courses play in both Flash and non flash browsers apart from 1. That specific course is created and published in exactly the same way as the others but will not open when accessed via chrome on a windows machine, i just get a spinning wheel and no content.


I downloaded a trial version of storyline 3 and republished it using the HTML5/Flash option and it still won't play in windows & Chrome. Interestingly, when i try and preview the project in Storyline 3 i also get a spinning wheel with nothing displayed. Very odd.


I have no other issues with any other content created using Storyline 2 so I can only assume its a problem with this specific course? I've attached it so you can take a look.


Any help would be great



Hazel Brewer

Can anyone help me???

My courses are not displaying in Edge 2017 after publishing them in HTML5. This is the case for both SL2 and 3. Most of our users on our learning platform use Edge and cannot change their browser to Chrome as this is against their company policy. I have suggested to our technical team that we publish all courses to HTML5 with Flash back up as this seems to work in Edge 2017. However they are concerned with the use of Flash as it is being phased out.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hazel!

Your users shouldn't have any problems viewing Storyline 3 HTML5 content on Microsoft Edge, although the only supported browser for Storyline 2 HTML5 content is Google Chrome. 

Is the Storyline 3 content hosted on a learning management system? If so, try testing it in another LMS to see if that makes a difference. SCORM Cloud is a handy tool for LMS testing--let me know if you'd like some help with that!

Hazel Brewer

Hi Alyssa

We're not hosting content in an LMS of any sort, and are publishing it for the web. Users are being directed to the URL directly. We're not worried about getting responses from the modules being produced. What we are having trouble with is some of the animations and shapes not displaying in Edge 2017 when published for web.

Here are two screen shots attached of the same slide. One is viewed on Edge 2015 and the other is Edge 2017. In the Edge 2017 version the blue shape doesn't display leaving it looking incomplete and broken. This is just one example of many.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Daniel  Feerst

Help. When I publish a course, the Google Chrome does not detect it and jump to html5, which causes the test results at then end of a test not to appear. I have customer phoning to say they get a white screen or the the final results do not advance. So if I give them the html5 link, it works. This is a new problem to me. Can you comment on this? Hopefully I am explaining  this so you understand.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel, 

Browsers such as Chrome have started to block Flash by default which causes some issues with our original file (story.html) determining if it should load the Flash or HTML5 content. You can use the directions here to point directly to the HTML5 output or if using Storyline 3/360 publish for HTML5 only. 

Daniel  Feerst

I am using Studio '13 and publishing a course. I can obtain an html5 option, but I cannot turn off the default of presentation.html - Therefore I must ensure that the customer uses html5 ONLY  - is this correct and it will run properly on all browsers, correct? -- before sending course, I can just delete presentation.html, correct? and force a customer only to have an presentation.html5  for all browsers?

N barnes

Hi Ashley. Can you clarify please.

In the main post you state that 'Articulate 360, Storyline 3, and Studio ‘13 rely on Flash for authoring'. In your reply above you just say you must have Flash installed to author in the Articulate tools such as Storyline and Studio. So does it matter what version of the Articulate tools you have as to whether Flash is needed for authoring? I for one didn't realise I also needed Flash to use S3, never mind view content.

And a question. Why did Articulate release 360 and S3 that need Flash to author knowing full well this would be a problem further down the road.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

Studio '13 and HTML5 will run properly on the browsers documented here:


Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)

Mac: Safari 6.0.5 or later, Google Chrome (latest version)

Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later

I wouldn't recommend deleting any files, although I know others in the community have done so - it's not something I can help with. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi N,

Happy to clarify! 

As of today (Sept 2017) all Storyline and Studio versions require Flash for the author to create content.

Adobe is ending support for Flash in 2020 - and Articulate 360 was released in 2016. We know that a Flash free world is important for a lot of our users, so we're working towards that end date set by Adobe. 

If you're using Articulate 360 - you can author in Rise, Flash free! It's web based and strictly HTML5. 

Hope that helps. 🙂

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kathy, 

I'm sorry to hear that! You're probably not alone - but it's a bit preemptive as Adobe is still supporting it and updating it until 2020. Another 2 1/2 years to go! 

Storyline 3 relies on an author having Flash installed on their systems, but you could publish for HTML5 only and share that content with your users. 

Stephen OHearn

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for the succinct and quick answer to this question.  

"As of today (Sept 2017) all Storyline and Studio versions require Flash for the author to create content.

Adobe is ending support for Flash in 2020 - and Articulate 360 was released in 2016. We know that a Flash free world is important for a lot of our users, so we're working towards that end date set by Adobe." 

The fear I, and I suspect  others have, is that Articulate is focusing on development for Rise as a Flash Free alternative to Storyline or Presenter, and that you will be phasing out these two products past 2020 because of the Flash issue. 

Can you confirm that Articulate is actively rebuilding the core code for Storyline and Presenter so that it is Flash independent and has a viable life past 2020?