When are progress info and quiz results passed to LMS?

Jan 16, 2014

We are delivering Storyline (SCORM 1.2) courses using Moodle as the LMS and intermittently see a problem where the user has reached the end of the course and passed the assessment but no progress or quiz results are passed to the Moodle. If the user re-launches the course they are taken back to the start (the resume settings are configured to resume at the same place and usually work ok)

We think is a result of the user having a poor internet connection as described here -http://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/how-to-let-users-know-if-their-course-attempt-cant-be-saved-in-an-lms-in-the-event-of-an-error.

The course has over 100 slides, so as the course is loaded progressively (3 slides in advance), there must have been communication with the LMS whilst the user is taking the course. This is leading me to think that progress info and scores are only passed back to the LMS on exit.  Am i correct on this?  Or is the Moodle not capturing data that is being passed back.

I would really appreciate some information, so I can feedback to the Moodle developer.  The course is long (over 1 hour) and it is a real problem that the user loses all their progress info if the internet connection happens to be lost at the point of exit.

Thanks in advance, Stephanie.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie,

You mentioned it happening intermittently, so I'm curious if you're able to isolate under what conditions that occurs - a particular browser, perhaps? You may also want to test the course at SCORM Cloud to see if the issues persist there, and if not you'll be able to share that with your LMS team. 

Storyline only bookmarks the last slide viewed if you've enabled the Resume behavior (which may be handled by your LMS as well), and then will  communicates completion to your LMS based on the method you'd identified and as you mentioned, you may want to employ this method to let users know that they've lost a connection and the information may not be saved. 

Stephanie Powner

Hi Ashley,

Many thanks for the information. I will look more closely at the conditions where the issue occurs. I haven't considered that this may be browser specific up to now as we would have expected  to see it more frequently if it always occurred with a particular browser (given the number of users we have). However if a slow/unstable connection is more problematic when a particular browser is being used, I think it may be a factor.  I plan to implement the warning in future courses so at least the user is made aware of the issue.

Thanks again, Stephanie

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