When publishing to a word document, the final document only has the first page

Aug 31, 2015

I am trying to publish my course (35 slides) to a word doc for review and I have followed the instructions and checked for Faq's - none are applicable to my problem. It does publish but the word doc only contains the first slide. I'll attach my story file to see if you might know how I can fix it. Thanks!

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Raphaelle Zhao

I had the same problem and now i've got it solved!!

It is because we don't have Microsoft Word. Or it's because we have other similar text-editing software which intervenes the communication between Storyline and MS Word.

I failed export word file on these PCs:
PC 1 with only WPS Office (which is similar to MS word) for text and article editing;
PC 2 with both WPS Office AND Microsoft Word
PC 3 without WPS Office nor Microsoft Word

I successfully exported word file on these PCs:
PC 3 with only Microsoft Word installed
PC 2 just with WPS uninistalled and left only with MS Word

And I failed again on this PC:
PC 3 with MS Word and just with WPS installed


SO it's obvious! You can see what happens to PC 1, 2, and 3.

Good luck to you all!