When revisiting: Resume saved state

Feb 01, 2024

I have a project that has a few places where I want learners to click a series of objects to view info on the layers that they trigger before they move on.  I am finding that even when I set the slide to "When revisiting: Resume saved state" that the learners still have to click the objects if they do the slide, progress to the next, and then go backwards. The logic I am using is (1) change state of NEXT button to disable when timeline starts, then (2.) change it to normal after all objects have a state of selected. I've player around a bit with this and can't get it to work so that upon revisiting, the next button shows up.  What do I need to change? Thanks.  https://360.articulate.com/review/content/3c2c41fe-22c1-4189-8624-9c18c3bf5d40/review

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Judy Nollet

Unfortunately, a "when timeline starts" trigger re-runs when the user returns to a slide, even if the slide is set to resume saved state.

To prevent the NEXT button from disabling when the user revisits the slide, add a condition to that trigger. I typically add a condition that a certain T/F variable = False (which is the default value). Then I add a trigger that changes the variable to True when the user completes whatever interaction is on the slide.

Another option would be to use conditions that check if any of the objects/buttons do not equal Selected. Notes:

  • Don't check for the objects = Normal. All states have a bit of Normal in them, so that condition doesn't work well.
  • Be sure to connect those conditions with "OR" (not "AND"). That will mean the trigger will run if any object ≠ Selected.  

FYI: This post has more info & a demo file about controlling the NEXT button: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/tip-controlling-the-next-button-101