Where are the HTML5 files ?


I ve published a small content for LMS with the HTML5 option. In the published folder I can see the story_html5.html and it seems to work using HTML5 navigator.

However, I wonder where are the HTML5 files for each slide. I can see only swf files.I m not a specialiste of HTML5 but I believed that each slide will be associated to 1 html file.

In my case I need to publish a  course for a customer with a very low bandwidth. So Flash is not recommended. That's why I want to produce in HTML5 with HTML file not swf.  Moreover published HTML5 slides should be editabled.

Any help ?


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Adrian Dean

Hi Eric,

Welcome to Heroes! The HTML5 parts of the published output are a combination of JavaScript and XML files. Our output is dynamic rather than static, hence no corresponding html pages.

Currently, there isn't any way to have only HTML5 output. That would make a nice feature request, though.

Always Happy to Help,