Where to see and track slides?

Oct 09, 2012


How do i use LMS to start tracking the quiz results?

Is it possible for me to record the name of student who is taking the test and report both the name and result to my account?

Meanwhile, where do i log in and see the tracking status online?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Phil Mayor

This is as Simon say's dependant on the LMS and not a small undertaking.  You may be better looking at tutorials on the LMS's on sites such as Moodle.  Most LMS's will store user names and produce reports but these are LMS specific.  Storyline and Presenter produce content for LMS's (amonsgt other things).  LMS's are discussed here in relation to these products, but the day to day management issues of LMS's really are outside the scope of this forum.

Youtube does have quite a few videos on using LMS's, and google should provide you with more help.

Simon Perkins

Like Phil says, take a look at some LMS sites and get a feel for how their own platforms work.  Although there are a number of functional similarities, the actual mechanics and "!ook and feel" can differ dramatically (as can the price and support etc).

This wiki page has a few LMS' listed to begin with.

If you do have an LMS then tell us which one.

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