Why can't I have two storylines open at the same time?

Jul 25, 2013

I'm creating training modules for multiple levels of employees, which use a lot of the same information. I was hoping to save myself some time by simply copying and pasting the information from one storyline to the next like I would in any other Microsoft program like PowerPoint or Word... but I found I can't have two storylines open simultaneously, so I have to open one, copy the information, close it, open the other one, then paste. And I have to do this one scene at a time. It's incredibly time-consuming and taking literally hours because of all the information. There has to be an easier way... I have deadlines to meet, here!

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Heather Vogt

So I can't have two or more projects open in the same SL window? Like with Captivate? I can't have a tab with one project and then a tab with a different project sitting right next to it? I have to have two completely separate SL windows open? 

Ha! I like how I rephrased the exact same question in like 4 ways. Sorry!

Walt Hamilton

If you will open two separate instances, then broaden your definition of tabs to include the ones on the taskbar, you can have a project open then a tab with a different project sitting right next to it.

If you are fortunate enough to have two monitors  (like one poster on this thread), then you can have both projects sitting beside each other without having to bother with tabs.

Phil, You just couldn't pass up the chance to answer 4 questions with one word, could you?

John Morley

Has this been changed on more recent releases? When I have one instance of a project open and:

1. Go to the start window and open Storyline

2. Ctrl + O to open the file that is already open in a window.

I get the error message that "This file is in use. Enter a new name or close the file that's open in another program.

Please help me to understand how I can have the same Storyline file open in two different windows.


Walt Hamilton


You can't.

Most of the posters to this discussion want to have two separate files open at the same time. That requires you to open two separate occurrences of SL.

If you want to have the same file open in two windows so you can cut and paste from one part to another, my experience says that that much cutting and pasting will lead to crashes and corruption. Far better and safer to save a version of the project with another name, and import what you want from the second file.

John Morley

Thanks Walt. Yours is the wiser approach, and pressing Ctrl + C is hardly heavy lifting. But I am used to working in Microsoft Word, which allows multiple copies of the same version of the same document to be open, and at least hoped Storyline could be tricked into doing the same thing. But no.