Why do images act selectable

Jun 24, 2022

I'm brand new to using StoryLine, reviewing a project in which a lot of visual objects that aren't meant to be selected and don't perform any functions, act as though they're clickable. When I click on any of them, they briefly show the object outline, which feels weird. Is there some basic formatting characteristic that should be changed so that they don't act that way?

I loaded one slide to Review - the player outline, the images, and the logo all show this effect if you click on them.

Thanks for any advice!

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Brian Balk

I see now that this only happens when I am using Edge, which I usually do. I tried clearing the browser cache and restarting it, but I still get the same weird effect when I click on any of those other parts of the player display. Same on other slides which I didn't include.

So, it would seem to not be anything I can change in the file. Any ideas about the browser?

Thanks again!

Brian Balk

Version 3.65.28121.0, it just prompted me to install again so I did and then opened and re-saved the file in case that made any difference. It doesn't seem to, still acting the same in Edge.

I'm attaching a copy.

I'm not aware of any browser attachments.

Tom Kuhlmann

The file looks fine and it seems to work as expected at this end.

Here's version 1:


Here's version 2:


Do you still run into the same issue? If so, can you use Peek (part of Articulate 360) to record and show what's happening?

Brian Balk

Yes, I played both files that you shared, and with both of them I get the same odd effect only in Edge, that it looks like I can select other visual objects on the slide. I even tried Safari on my phone. Each in turn, when I click on it, shows a border that fades away after about two seconds, even though they don't perform any functions.

I've used Peek and uploaded a short recording that shows what it looks like. I'd also like your feedback about why my audio was so terribly choppy (really unintelligible). I was only using the computer's built-in microphone. I'll try recording using my headset to see if it makes a difference.

Thanks again!

Screen Recording 6/27/2022 at 8:47:39 AM | Review 360 (articulate.com)

Tom Kuhlmann

I can't replicate the issue and I've asked a couple of others and they can't either. The audio issue can be a number of different things: memory, drivers, or some other process interfering. 

Since this isn't expected behavior, I recommend contact our support team and they can look into this for you so you're not wasting time going back and forth in the community forums. You can contact them via this link.


Brian Balk

I figured it out. It's an Edge browser setting > Accessibility > "Show a high visibility outline around the area of focus on the page." I turned it off. Though, that still doesn't answer why I'm able to give focus to visual objects in a slide that don't have any functionality attached to them.

If you turn on that Edge feature, does it then do the same for you?