Why would anyone use Captivate

Over the years I've developed a burning hatred for Captivate and its limitations, clumsiness, lack of community, and complete lack of support from developers.

I absolutely love Storyline and am doing things with it I only dreamed of doing in Captivate.

I can't think a single reason to ever go back to Captivate! Screw that program! Who's with me!

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Andrew Sellon

Well, Nancy herself in a later post thread uncovered a very real drawback to Storyline's step-by-step simulations: inability to swap out screenshots for an alternate language version of the simulation:  http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/18007.aspx 

That is a very serious limitation for anyone with the need to produce software simulations in more than one language.  As noted in that thread, that's a feature request we should ALL submit so they know how important that feature is to anyone creating simulations for a global client.

Andrew Sellon

Absolutely, Nancy.  I love Storyline.  But especially given the high price tag for both a license and premium support, I do think we have the right to ask for and expect great things from the team.  And I have hopes they'll deliver!  I have submitted this feature request, and a raft of others, many of which I also consider pretty fundamentally important.  We'll see when another update release comes out, and what enhancements make it into that release.  I just hope others are also going to submit this feature request, and any other high-priority requests they have.  One thing on my list is to revamp this forum so that the search functionality is a whole lot more sophisticated than it is now.  

Bruce Graham

I love Storyline, and what it offers, however, I think that "knocking" a competitive product, which has a huge user base, and which (if clever...), will quickly react to the success that is Storyline), is a poor strategy.

Let's keep everything professional and respectful here, even towards competitors?


Nancy Woinoski

Sorry, Bruce - my intent wasn't to knock Captivate. I actually like it for some things (especially for software emulation). There are pros and cons to all these different tools. I think the trick is to figure out which one will work best for whatever it is you are trying to create and then use it. My frustration comes in to play when I don't have control over which tool to use.

Bruce Graham

Phil Mayor said:

Bruce Graham said:

Gerry Wasiluk said:

But it is fair game to knock British Storyline developers, except those named Phil  . . . 

You should obviously try working with him more often! 


LOL, Bruce, I have to work with me everyday of my life

You get paid - is there a problem?