Won't publish to word - file type buttons not working


I looked up how to publish to word and combed through many of the discussions around this function not working. I can't seem to find my issue on the boards. 

When I go to publish, I follow the steps on screen 1. When I click "publish", screen 2 pops up almost immediately. When I try to select any of the icons or buttons on the screen, they animate but nothing else happens. I would assume a download should initiate or something? 

Any thoughts?

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Luciana Tiberio

Hello Maria and John. I've got it all figured out, with the help of the engineer. For me it ended up being a simple fix within my semi-complex way of running Storyline. 

Fix: I needed to download and install MS Office Suite. The engineer told me, in fact, that SL needs MS Word in order to run properly, so it's very important. Once I installed, the Publish to Word function worked properly.

Context (in case it matters/for future posterity):

I have a Macbook Pro. Storyline only runs on Windows. To use SL, I installed a program called Parallels onto my computer, which allows me to to split my computer into multiple (what are called) Virtual Machines. Each VM is like I'm creating another computer on my Mac. 

Parallels allows me to pull files and use programs on my mac - I had assumed I'd be able to do that with my MS Office (installed on my Macbook). Not the case! I had to also install MS Office onto my virtual machine. 

I'm not sure if that'll help you, John?

Thanks for your support, Maria!