workflow replacing picture with states

Feb 04, 2014

Hello everyone!  I'm hoping for some thoughts on how to make this workflow more efficient.  I've created slides with 4 placeholder images and setup states for each to zoom on hover, show larger version on click, etc.  Now I've developed the images with which I need to go live, and need to replace them in the slides, but I haven't found a way to translate to states to the new images.

This is both a development workflow and a maintenance issue, as some of our images are time sensitive and will need to be updated periodically.

Thanks for any advice, both for "fixing" my current version and for longer term solution.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Martha: Have you tried using format painter? It'll paste states as well as formatting to the object you select. Now, it sounds as if you have some tricked out states, so it might not work, but that's what I'd try first.

1. Select tricked out image

2. Double click format painter (home tab pretty sure)

3. You'll get the brushy thingy and then just select whatever object/image you want the states applied to. --Daniel

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