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Jun 03, 2014

Hi There everyone!

I have created a Storyline scene which is a step by step recording on using software.  Each step is a slide.  I have added audio to the story on each slide.

Some of the slides have resources on them that I want the learner to open (PDFs).  They cannot continue until the PDF has been visitied. When they open the PDF what happens to the timeline of the base slide.  Does it stop while the PDF is opened and read, printed etc?  When the learner closes the PDF what should happen in the course?

I also have some slides with layers.  The audio is on the base slide, and there is also audio on the layers.  How do I ensure the learner hears what they need to hear?

Is there somewhere in Storyline that I can control the timings for Audio?

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Bruce Holliday


Audio is represented on the timeline so you should be able to control it using trigger objects. For example create a shape and put it 5 seconds along the timeline. Set up a trigger to pause the audio when the trigger object is reached. Set up a play button to resume the audio timeline.

Treat it like video with markers.

Se this example:

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