Wrong audio playing

Jun 01, 2021


Tonight I tested my almost due, project when I discovered that in the last slide that I was working on, ALL the voice files were playing the wrong files.

When I tested using the individual audio file play, it was correct but in both the slide preview and layer preview, the wrong audio files were played.

I renamed the audio files, I even set up a new slide and in desperation, a new scene all to no avail. 

I moved the incorrect audio files to a new location on my HDD and still the problem persisted so then I knew that it wasn't corrupted audio files on my HDD perhaps pointing to the wrong locations.

By moving the incorrect files and seeing S/L 360 still managed to play them I realised that it had to be a corruption in the media library.

To test it, I  set up a new story (ie with a clean media library), the correct audio played.

So the solution was to delete every occurrence of these faulty audio files to get them cleaned out of the media library.  Then to make sure it was all clean I powered off my PC, rebooted, reimported the audio and HOORAY, it is all working correctly.

I have noticed a few threads with this audio file problem, while this is not a nice situation, at least the solution worked, so I hope this helps those who encounter this problem in the future.  

Can you please raise this as a possible media library problem?


(PS      S/L 360 still has points in the love bank!)

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Sylvia Drower

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for responding so quickly.

My method fixed several of the audio files on the night I raised this as a
problem. So I was able to sleep.

The next morning the remaining audio files somehow played correctly.

The previous night I had rebooted, left my computer off for 1/2 hour and
returned and the problem was still there. But after being switched off
overnight, the problem disappeared.

Gremlins again!

So now I have nothing to show for my panic.

Thank you for offering to help. (Still love Storyline!)


Madeleine Daigle

I've been having the same issue repeatedly lately, although it had never been an issue in the past. The last times, removing the audio file, saving the Articulate project, closing it and reopening it and re-adding the audio file fixed the issue. This time it hasn't.

I'll try to also remove the audio of the other file that we are hearing instead of the actual one in the slide and reboot as suggested by Sylvia.

Thanks for sharing the solutions that worked for you!


Madeleine Daigle

I did succeed after removing the other audio file (that I could hear instead of the correct one), saving, closing, reopening and adding it again. I didn't even have to reboot. Glad it could be fixed, but hope it's not going to continue happening very often, I do have to redo all the closed captions when it happens...

And thanks to you too Becca for the quick support!



Carly Gomez

 - you start slide 30 direct direct in storyline with the small play-button
It plays something completely different from what I have in the auto-generated text-to-speech. 

- you test your slide with "Preview This Slide"
The same problem as the above; it does not play what I have typed in the auto-gen text-to-speech.

 - you "Publish to web"

This is exactly how I discovered the problem. BEFORE the problem showed up, the "Preview this slide" and the play button in the bottom left corner allowed me to play the slide just as I designed it to do. However, when I published it to web, the auto-gen audio issues began. Now when I go back to the original file I published from, it plays the problem audio with the play button and preview slide button.

However, when I do Preview Audio where it only plays the audio itself or Edit the audio, it plays exactly how I typed it.

Carly Gomez

Hi John, I reached out and got a support case. But this problem has now created a huge hold. We are very concerned developing more eLearning at the moment. And right now, if I have to recreate the entire project because of this issue, it is taking us back several weeks. Please let your support engineers know I've responded and did all the troubleshooting listed. I've combed through this community for help and went through all the listed work arounds. That's when I discovered that this is an issue occurring for many years, and so far, no official solution from Articulate besides the listed workarounds I've already done.

Kim Lang


I have this same issue and it is really slowing down a project. When I play the slide, I hear the correct audio. When I preview it, different audio plays. I can have someone else publish it for me without issues, but I’ll need to be able to preview it as I continue working on it. I’ve updated and reinstalled Storyline 360 to no avail.

Chantal Callow

I am having this issue now too, out of the blue. My SL is up to date. I tried deleting the wrong  audio from the slide where it belongs, but it still plays on the other slide....

I started a new blank project and imported this "faulty" project, but the problem persists.

I don't know how to get rid of the wrong audio playing! When I do a Preview audio, the correct audio is heard, but Preview slide plays the wrong audio. Please help!


Steven Benassi

Hi Chantal!

Sorry to hear you've also hit a snag with removing certain audio from your course!

If you've confirmed you are working locally, and a repair of your Storyline installation doesn't do the trick, can you please share a copy of the .story file that's giving you trouble? Feel free to upload it here in the discussion or privately through a support case.

We'll delete it from our system once troubleshooting is complete!

Chantal Callow

I was able to fix it by deleting the rogue audio track from it's slide first, and then also the track from the slide that had been targeted by the rogue audio. I regenerated both, and then they worked. Wasted a TON of time!
I may still have a copy of the "bad" storyline file and will share if I do.

Chantal Callow