Audio clips (narrations) are playing on the wrong slide(s)

Nov 01, 2012

I've been working with this project for a while, now all of a sudden my narrations are mixed up on several slides.  They are correct in the timeline but I guess Storyline is disregarding the timeline...

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Madison -- As this thread is a bit older, I think it might be best if we can take a look at your source file or .story itself to see if we are able to reproduce the error you are seeing. 

I also wanted to add that you might find it helpful to take a look at the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement, and also the repair steps in #2. Please let us know if that helps!

Madison  Wellington

Unfortunately, yet fortunately, I was able to fix the files. So although my project is okay, I can't reproduce the issue right now. 

What I had to do was: Open each audio file that was having an error in the published file, using the audio editor. It would oddly play incorrectly when playing from the main timeline, but would play correct in the audio editor. So I would open each file, then do nothing but save and close the editor. 

Weirdly enough, this seemed to fix the slides that I was having issues on... which was about 5 out of 40 screens. 

ray laurencelle

I'm having this same, quite unexpected problem.  In Preview and Published output, audio from other slides are playing on a slide yet the audio on the timeline is correct. Come on!  Who needs this problem at a late hour on the eve of a deadline?  Sorry for getting fired up but this problem was reported 5 years ago and reported again 2 years go. Why hasn't this bug been fixed?

Michele Wiedemer

I've got this problem as well. I will go through and open all of the wrong audio, but in my case there are about 40 or 50 slides of a 187 slide project that are previewing and publishing wrong. (The correct audio is on the timeline, but different slide's audio is being played in the preview/published project) I would have liked to be done with this project by now...

Graham Cohen

To chime in here i'm experiencing the same issue.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  It cannot be duplicated on call but it randomly happens and once it does the only two work around's are either removed the audio file which is correct by the way and replacing it or open in the editor and then saving without doing anything.  I've found this bug in both SL 2 and 3 so its transferred over.  I'm on a windows 10 PC latest version.  Hope this helps your developers.  This needs to be fixed for sure.  Huge time waster.

Michele Wiedemer

I actually had this happen on another project and tried to send it. I diverted my workflow just enough to load the project here, and just to double-check went and opened the audio file, republished, and tested to see that actually works (it does). And in the meantime, this site crashed and I no longer have the not-working version (it doesn't look like it sent). If I get another instance of this happening, i'll try to send it to support. But it's a difficult problem to recreate because it doesn't always happen.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Julie! I took a peek at your case this morning and saw that my teammate, Ryan, connected this behavior to a recent issue where videos would sometimes play on the wrong slides in the HTML5 output.

You're spot-on that this was fixed in the latest Storyline 360 update. Glad to hear you're up and running, and we're here if you need anything else!