xAPI and reports

Sep 14, 2023

Does anyone know why an LMS wouldn't capture if the learner got the question right or wrong? I'm getting attempts, question name, but not if the question was correct or not. Would it be because the questions are set up as freeform and not graded? 

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Allan Allan

Yep! Have a results slide :) This is broken up into different units and 8 languages, each unit having a post test with "review" enabled, so that why there are multiple results, I definitely have the right ones selected to submit at the end of the course.

The "complete course" trigger is on the last slide per client's request to ensure everyone gets marked as complete "just in case"

I appreciate you taking a look Phil!

Eric Santos

Hi Allan,

I'm happy to jump in! When you publish to LMS, Storyline sends quiz data to the LMS, including whether the learner answered the question correctly or not.

Using rectangles with text as freeform choices should not affect LMS reporting. I agree with Phil that it's best to test the course in SCORM Cloud to rule out an issue with the LMS.

Thank you for reporting this in a support case as well and sharing your Storyline project! Please expect one of our support engineers to reach out to you via email shortly. We'll continue the conversation there.