Yes, there IS a way to go FULL SCREEN within Storyline player!!!

Since Storyline's inception one of the biggest feature requests has been to allow the player to toggle into Full Screen mode.  The request for such a feature is not at all unreasonable considering the amount of text that can be difficult to read on the screen sometimes.  There have been countless threads and requests for this feature for over a year.  Unfortunately, the closest we've come to getting this feature, other than tweaking the output options which is not always ideal, is through a flash widget that a regular user developed and graciously shared in one of his posts at . Other than trying to force the end-user to manually go full screen via F11 which isn't compatible with all browsers and can also create confusion for the user after the course completes, we are left with having to put in countless feature requests until this is available as it is in Articulate Presenter.

Now comes the interesting discovery I made.  Would  you believe me if I told you that there is indeed a way to go full-screen within the player by using mouse clicks only. Yes, it is possible (though only in html not html5).  I've tested this within several browsers and operating systems and it works perfectly.   But since I am more interested in finding out why the Articulate folks did not share this hidden feature with us, I'd rather give them an opportunity to explain the feature for themselves and why they were reluctant to make it known to the community. I think we deserve that much after making numerous requests.  Why make it hidden if it works? Surely, someone had to have known it was there.  So, why didn't the staff share it with us?

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The Learning Hub NV (2)

Dear fellow E-Learning Heroes,

We are currently looking for a fullscreen mode for imported .mp4-files. Has anyone managed to work around this shortcoming? Embedded videos already have a fullscreen feature built-in, but we'd like to use the feature for all imported .mp4-files.

The Learning Hub.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi W T,

We are tracking a feature request for a 'full-screen toggle' option, so I'm adding this conversation to our report as we continue to track user feedback on this.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful. 

There are many ideas shared here, but I look forward to other design ideas from the community as well.

elearningfreak dot com

A post that's 7 years old with 29 replies, there's still no movement to go full screen like a web page? I'm not confident this will be added as a regular feature. Plus, there's nowhere on the internet that I can find a writeup or a workaround.

If you're using WordPress, you can do this using the full screen mode functionality built into my elearningfreak plugin.  Here's a quick demo of it: