YouTube Videos

We have a one-hour video that has been put in as a request to create a course through our LMS. Our video production person has created a private YouTube link so we don't have to insert the video file (which takes FOREVER to bring in and publish). The private link is not totally private, so you can access it if you have the link.

In previous courses, I removed the built-in Next button and created one that popped up at the end of the video. It's not perfect but it does "force" them into watching the video vs. going to the end of the seekbar and advancing.

One challenge with this is if the employee can't watch the entire video in one sitting. They are busy nurses and typically have short pockets of time. If they exit out of the course, they lose all progress.

I found a site called Tube Chop, which does enable me to break down the video into five 10-minute clips on five different slides. The advantage to this is that their progress will somewhat be tracked so long as they exit the course in between slides.

Is there a more effective way to do this? I do like Tube Chop, however, there aren't many settings in how the video link behaves and when I navigate to the next slide, it doesn't start at the right picks up way further in (even though the settings show otherwise).

I'm not a fan of using such long videos like this, but since that is not in my control I wanted to try to make it as user-friendly as possible for our nurses.


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