Zip file issue with Storyline 3

I'm having a problem when publishing and creating a zip file. There is a zip file existing, because I'm making modifications based on results in LMS. It asks me if I want to replace the existing zip file and I say yes--but then based on the time stamp in Windows explorer, it ISN'T replacing the zip file. I tried to delete the old zip file to get around this issue, but sometimes it won't let me. I mean, it looks like it deletes, but then it pops up in explorer again and Storyline asks if I want to replace it! What the heck is going on? Thanks in advance!

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David Schwartz

Hi Valerie,

I am speculating here, given that you say that when you try to delete the old zip file it sometimes doesn't let you, that maybe you don't have the right permissions in the folder where you are trying to save the zip file. 

I'd try saving it somewhere else and see if that works, or try a different file name for the zip file in the folder where you are currently trying to save. Not clear on why your LMS would require the same exact file name. If it must be in the same location, you could save to a different folder, then try to copy that file in Windows Explorer to the existing location and see if it then overwrites the existing file.


Valerie Vesper

Thanks! I might try the different folder thing. I don't think it's permissions, though, because I'm working on my hard drive. The LMS doesn't care about the file name, it's just that I built up 5 zip files for one CBT this morning. The files finally did delete, but it took about 2 hours. I just don't know what that's about.

Valerie Vesper

Nope - hard drive only 24% used, and it's a relatively new laptop. Just got it over the summer. So I don't know. I work via VPN, though, so maybe it's related to that. I just wouldn't have thought so with working on the hard drive--that's why I do my work on the hard drive. I don't get slowed down by system bandwidth or anything. I'll let you know if I figure it out.