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Dec 07, 2015


 I've got a problem with the storyline browser settings.

 Indeed, I wish that :

  - my browser size is set to « resize to fill screen » (OK)

 - my player size is set to « scale player to fill browser window » (OK)

 - my storyline is published in LMS (OK)

 - my learners see this storyline in platform ; if the text is too small, they should be able to zoom in LMS with browser zoom feature (not OK).


Here, the zoom doesn't work : my learners can't zoom because this storyline remains 100%.

Needs someone help, please!





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melimon, 

If you choose "scale player to fill browser" it'll take up the largest amount of space available within the browser window based on your story size and the player elements you have enabled, but can't be zoomed beyond that. If there was a particular element that you'd like users to be able to look closer at, did you look at adding a zoom on the slide itself? 

Pierre Jouan

Hi everyone!

Scale player to fill browser is OK on large screens but when screen height is reduced (laptops especially), text might become barely legible.

I might have a workaround. If you modify story.js according to this:

if (strScale == "show all")
strWidth = window.innerWidth;
strHeight = window.innerHeight;

SL will fit screen as usual but you will be able to zoom in with browser own zoom function.

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