1,000 page Word Manual to become 360 courses

Feb 06, 2019

Any thoughts on how you would approach this project especially in doing any imports into 360? We would like to stay within Articulate for course building and 360 Review when it comes time for the editors to proof the projects. We understand chunking into courses, modules, etc. but the volume of text is a big and tedious task and copy/paste into individual screens is a last resort. Thanks.

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Tom Kuhlmann

You have to do some copy/paste work. It's hard to get around that part. Here's what I'd do:


  • convert the content so it's outlined


  • import the word outline into PowerPoint. I believe each header 1 becomes a new slide. If there are no headers, I think Word creates a slide per paragraph. You can find more info at Microsoft. The key is outlining in Word


  • Import PowerPoint slides into Storyline
  • At this point you're content is in SL. You can move things around, add interactions, etc.

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