Vancouver Island/Victoria User Group

I had also coordinated our Vancouver Island group (I live half way in between). These were the topics that came up:

Tech related:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Javascript
  • More on Tin Can API

Workflow related:

  • freelance business admin
  • work practices (working from home - how to manage your day)

If you are interested in getting together sometime in June, respond in this thread.  

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Holly MacDonald

<waving back - HI DAVE!>

I have both 360 and SL2. I do like 360 quite a bit, especially Rise and Review. In terms of the Storyline comparison, I really like the ability to manage viewing on a device and the templates/content library are great.  The new text to speech feature (just released) is a huge time saver for me. Theoretically you could reduce some of the other costs that you might have - stock photos, review services, TTS, etc.

SL2 is still a great product, if it meets your needs then stick with that. I think over time the new features of SL3/360 will start to compel people to switch, but it's always going to be an individual decision. To me the cost is not overly prohibitive, but I recognize that's not the same for all.

For me, clients often have different versions of the software, so I have 'em all in order to provide service when building a course/solution and support for when they need some help.  

We should plan a get together in January, I'd be happy to showcase the features of 360 in person.

Terry Bell

Hi Dave, welcome..

And Holly, I would love to see your showcase of 360. I'm in for a get-together in January.  I am happy to host at my workplace, but I fear that View Royal is not the most convenient of locations.

Does anyone else has a space to offer? Or maybe a pub (challenging for a software demo, maybe).

Patrick Giommi

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to echo Terry's enthusiasm to see Holly's Art360 material. It would be great to get together, as Dave and I were just chatting to do the same. I could likely reserve a large boardroom in our building - Eric Martin Pavilion behind Royal Jubilee, but that's a bit out of the way for you, Terry. As we've done in the past, we could meet up around 4:30 or 5:00? Parking is relatively easy, as you can park for up to 2 hours in the Save-on-Foods parking lot at Fort & Foul Bay. Thoughts?

Patrick Giommi

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year,

To follow-up on our pre-2018 discussion about getting together... how does January 16th, 4:30 start at the Eric Martin Pavilion, Boardroom 188 (main floor) sound? The only other available date is 6 February.

I doubt I will be able to get any 'guest' online access to the Wi-Fi network, so if you would like to share some projects, tips, etc. you will have to have them stored on your local drive, send them to me ahead of time or put them on a USB drive that I can then download the content.

If this works, we can start working on a proposed agenda.

Let me know your preference for 16th or 6th and anything else you can think of.


Patrick Giommi

Okay, so I've rebooked the conference room for the 6th. That works better for me too. I'll send out more information in the coming weeks, including a tentative agenda. So far I think we can talk about the pros and cons of Art 360 or SL3 vs. SL2.

Looking forward to seeing you all (in about a month).



Dave Ferguson

Terry: I went to DevLearn in 2015. I was not using Storyline at the time but we were pondering whether to switch, so I took in a number of demos that helped me make the case that the move was a good one for us.

Lots of opportunity to speak with good presenters outside of their sessions, including many whose names you see here. DemoFest is an informal collection of demonstrations by organizations and individuals of what they've done and how they did it; a great way to see examples and connect with a lot of different people.

I think there's a good balance between "here's a great way to do X" and "here's a challenge we were facing and the reason we took approach Y."

There was also a substantial Canadian contingent. Since I was doing a workshop on building job aids, I created the attached quick reference and shared it through the conference app, since (to the astonishment of Americans) many Canadians don't know how hot 83 F is.

Patrick Giommi

Got you beat, Terry. When I was a teacher in northern, BC I got to experience -52C! Luckily there was no wind that day, so it was literally a solid -52. Thanks for the temperature scale, Dave.

Speaking of conferences, I have not been fortunate enough to attend DevLearn but hope to one day. Thanks again for your insights, Dave.

On another note, it would be interesting to have a conversation about Pro-D at our upcoming meeting. Who gets what? How often? What conferences/organizations are providing good ID Pro-D? etc.