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Holly Greene

Hi David!

Thanks for asking.

Topic is business communication and professionalism via email.  The lesson I'm creating is to teach the approach my client' wants all contractors to take when communicating with SME's via email.  I was thinking that a game that taps into the learner's prior experience of sending or receiving professional emails would be useful. 

Allison LaMotte

Hi Holly,

Have you thought about doing a scenario-based course? For example, you could present the learner with an email they've received from an SME. Then you could design a drag and drop interaction where the learner has to drag and drop words or sentence fragments to craft a response. Then they could hit “send” and see how the SME reacted to their message. In order to make it to the end of the scenario, they need to make all the SMEs happy. 

Another idea would be to have them type up the email themselves and have them compare their answer with the answer you'd suggest, like in this example. If you like that idea, you could download the template and adapt it so that it looks more like an email window, for example.

I hope that helps! :)

Holly Greene

Hello Allison!

Thank you for sharing these great ideas with me.  I'm going to use them and download the file you sent. 

Question: Any ideas for creating training around the initial F2F communication with the SME? The project I'm working on has expanded to include:

  • The in-person discourse with the SME
  • and the follow-up email communications.

Also, I'd love to hear any games you think would work well here, too.

Thank you so very much for your time and help, Allison!


Holly Greene

Okay, downloaded the example you sent and love it, Allison!  Would you have an example to send for the first idea you mentioned too?  

I'm working in PPT with the goal of uploading into SL so any PPT examples you have would be awesome too. 

You have great ideas and I'm eager to hear them all.

Thank you, Allison!

Allison LaMotte

Hi Holly,

This example is pretty similar to the first idea I suggested, except that it's a text message and not an email, but you could easily adapt that.

In regards to your question about the expanded scope, I think the best thing to do would be to stick with the scenario idea and just add those steps to it. 

Here's a link to some resources on crafting scenarios that you may find helpful: How to Easily Create Compelling E-Learning Scenarios

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Holly Greene

One question:

Is there a template/resource for building a game that works something like Madlibs?  This game would involve a paragraph and the learner would select a word from a list of words to complete a sentence.  I could include multiple Madlibs in a paragraph.

Thank you again for your help, Allison!