A problem with sound...

Alrighty...so this isn't specifically an Articulate problem, but I was hoping maybe someone in this nifty little community might be able to shed some light on an issue we seem to be having. 

I have created a tutorial in Articulate that consists of an embedded flash movie file.  I published it for Web distribution and everything seemed to be going fine, except now one of our branches has called to say they can't hear the flash movie.  They can see everything, including the flash graphics...but the sound is gone.  There are other parts of the tutorial where the sound was uploaded directly into the Articulate program and that sound can be heard just fine.  The sound problem only exists within the embedded flash file.  Any thoughts, suggestions on this would be helpful.  Also, other people have been able to view the course just fine...so I'm kind of stumped.  Thanks.

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