Adding Flash Cards

Hello! I've customed the flash card activity (here's a link: but now after some feedback from the a subject matter expert, I need to add some flashcards, and the order is important. What's the quickest way to make these additions? I'm worried if I start this process with the wrong steps in mind it'll take me FOREVER. Any tips?? I'm thinking maybe just adding in a few flash cards at the end then adjusting the states to move them down? Thanks for the feedback! 


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Tom Kuhlmann

You can easily move the flash cards on the timeline. The only thing that would be a bit of work is getting the disappearing stack to work in conjunction with the cards since those are based on triggers and state changes. 

I haven't looked at the template in a while. I'll download it and see if there's anything else I can recommend. You can speed up adding/changing text using the export/import translation feature. That's faster then going into each card individually.

How many cards are in your interaction?

Megan Morgan

So, what I ended up doing was simply copy/pasting more of my customized flash cards and labeling them. I edited each of their states to reflect the additional content. Then, I went through & deleted all of the "edge" triggers, then added the additional edges needed, aligned them, re-named them, then added in the copied trigger from the source file, updating the specifics of the state change to hidden and the corresponding flash card. Worked like a charm.