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Cheryl Hoffman

Edited to add:  Walt, down the page a little, shares a super-cool secret!!!!!  DON'T MISS IT.


I've done this a few different ways.

1)  On the animations tab, increasing the duration will slow down the animation.

2) For more control, I separate each paragraph into its own text box, and adjust its timing on the timeline.

Biraja Prasanna

Thanks @Cheryl

I have chosen the 2nd option.

I saw a .story file, in which the animation time is default (00.75) and there are 5 paragraph in a single rectangle box. However the paragraphs are coming very slowly. I tried to find out the setting, unable to find how he did it. Still searching for the setting! If you find anything let me know.


Walt Hamilton

Here is a text box that has 6 paragraphs that all appear at different times. Once it is set to Enter by paragraph, go to the timeline, and expand the text box:


Then you can drag the left edge to change when each paragraph appears.


Dragging the right edge will control when they exit.