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Matthew Bibby
David Anderson

As an act of charity, I'll generally accept the examples since they required an exponentially greater work effort to build:P 

Ha ha ha ha ha.

I think it's good that you accept those examples David, but it might be good to make it clear what tool was used to avoid any confusion.

I also like how people here answer Captivate questions that are posted in these forums. I just wish I knew that back in my Captivate days! The lack of responses in the Adobe forums used to drive me crazy (although this was years ago, I hope they are better now).

David Anderson

I've thought about that, Matthew. Ultimately, decided against doing so to draw less attention to the tools. On occasion users will write me asking about specific examples. What's cool is that the non-Articulate demos are always from users simply trying to build their skills. In the five years of doing the challenges, we've never seen anything spammy or inappropriate. We even have a few converts:-)

Totally agree with you re: the help and generosity of the community. Somehow it's tough for me to picture you ever needing help:-)

I got my start in the late 90's in Flash where the Macromedia forums were one of the most supportive and helpful I'd ever seen.

Glad you're part of our community, Matthew. BTW, did you know we're headed to your area later this year? No deets yet, but it would be great to connect IRL when we're there.

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