Announcing Articulate 360

Nov 09, 2016

It’s a big day! We’re so excited to announce that Articulate 360 is here. It’s got everything you need to simplify every aspect of course development.

Articulate 360 includes the latest versions of Storyline and Studio, featuring a new responsive player that makes it easy to create e-learning for every device. And you’ll get Rise, our amazing new responsive authoring tool. We think it’ll be your go-to for building gorgeous, inherently responsive courses.

You’ll also get brand-new apps and services that’ll help you source assets, collaborate with stakeholders, create training videos, and learn from the pros.

To learn more, take a tour of Articulate 360 and get a free, 30-day trial.

We’re so excited to share Articulate 360 with you. We think it’s going to change the way you work and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

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Nancy Woinoski

Not sure if anyone answered this further down the thread, but Storyline, Studio, Replay and Peek are downloaded to your system. Preso is downloaded to your iPad. Review and Rise are cloud-based tools. With Rise, once you are finished developing your course you can export it and host it anywhere you want.

The content library is hosted but you can download templates, images as needed to your local system. 

Kevin Raspin

I'm really struggling here.......

The only thing that would make me want 360 is the HTML 5 only output, but that's not really justifying the extra cost. 

HTML5 in storyline 2 is a bit hit and miss from my experience, however the new 360 has promised'SUPERIOR HTML 5 OUTPUT' but what exactly does that mean? Is that implying that HTML5 input in SL2 will not be improved?  HTML5 output was one of the reasons i got SL2 in the first place and i'd be disappointed if this was the case. 

Sarah Ednay

I haven't bothered to download a 360 trial as I know I can't afford/justify it and wouldn't use many elements of it, so I already feel excluded. That's ok, I accept I'm not the right target market for Articulate now and that's just the way business works. It's what Adobe decided with CC.

I'm not actually anti subscription model and don't blame Articulate for going that way, although the price is in fantasy land for many of us. They are perhaps suffering from being late into that game as there are only so many subscriptions you can take on. Also just having an annual option is sort of proof that they aren't really up to dealing with the subscription model yet.

Subscription can work at times, at the right price delivered by a company you trust to  deliver regular worthwhile innovations. I use Office 365 and like having the latest app improvements and, don't tell Microsoft, but it's a bargain what we have access to for what we pay as a small business (so we are less likely to whinge too much) and I use most parts of it everyday as the name suggests. But it's one helluva pressure on Articulate to come up with enough good improvements for all those apps, this time next year, when those high cost subs will need renewed.

Also if you force a 'set menu' subscription, rather than a la carte, then those products all need to be big beasts/best in class. We all have favourite products to achieve certain things so comparing pricing by expecting to replace all those is naive. I have Adobe Tech Comm subscription (which includes Captivate, although I managed to justify SL as a standalone app even whilst having this) but that's Adobe's 2nd class citizen subscription and really I'd ideally like a mix of apps between Tech Comm and Creative Cloud.
What I really don't get is that all these companies are pushing the importance of "individualised learning/content" but ..... errr.... completely ignoring or moving away from "individualised content development needs"??

Rise is interesting and has potential, sort of a cross between Sharepoint and Sway but with Engage 'blocks'. I'm sure it will develop well. But it won't be without competition. If it was wrapped up inside Storyline somehow it could be unique and very desirable.
If there was a subscription for Storyline and Rise at an affordable price point, or even at a 'bit of a stretch' price point, then I'd do a trial. The rest of it is irrelevant to us or duplicates other existing apps we are happy with. Ok so we may get SL3 as a standalone sometime in the next couple of years, and the disappointment should have worn off by then. But sadly it's almost inevitable that those excluded from 360 will have 'lost the love' a bit.

Alphonso Hendricks

The annual subscription cost of SL 360 is exactly what I paid for the lifetime licence of Articulate 1. Have subsequently upgraded to SL2, but simply don't produce enough material to warrant purchasing a "Articulate 1" each and every year.

Maybe things are different in the US but in South Africa, its way out of our league.

Lu Post

I do wish that Articulate would re-consider the pricing structure; not necessarily the subscription model. I would say that most clients are freelancers, small businesses or educational institutions who will have difficulty managing the cost, especially if we have several developers. The initial cost is reasonable, but then it goes up to $1,200 the second year. I can't only purchase for a few developers, because the upgrade makes courses only usable by the lastest version so we can't share development time between courses.

I feel like this is the Affordable Care Act for e-learning. There will only be a few people who will benefit from the new model. 

Kim Boggs

Hi.  I have put in a request for our IT department to let me download the trial version of Articulate 360.  they have contacted me asking if there is any known issue with it interfering with current license of Articulate Storyline 2, i.e. will it disable my current license of Storyline 2 or in any way cause that license to be lost or not able to be used.  I would appreciate a reply from anyone who has information about this concern.  thank you.

Gonzalo Rosetti

I could not find one post in this thread that agrees with the new marketing model Articulate has moved into. (This is enough to stop me from buying the subscription.)

In fact,  the only thing I have been waiting for ever since my pre-order of SL 1 is to have a player that shows our courses smoothly on any device. We all know this has not been the case (even though the software has done a good attempt.)

Now, to access that possibility (if it is actually true), we must accept the tons of extra (unnecessary?) tools and an increased price that will keep us captive if we want to edit content created in Articulate 360.

As one of our colleagues mentioned Office 365, we need to recall the Microsoft suite offers both a subscription and a perpetual version so customers can choose.

I do hope Articulate will keep up the good job with its clients and will announce the perpetual version of SL soon enough.


Daniel Bolia

Hello Articulate Staff,

I've been checking out videos on Articulate 360 to determine if the new offering is worth the annual subscription cost for my organization.  I have several questions that I hope you can clarify.

Desktop Programs: Does the desktop update similar to SL2? For example, user can choose to be notified of new update, then it must be downloaded then installed by a person with admin privileges or does the programs just update automatically.

Rise: This module appears to offer a fast way to create a responsive course or webpage. As I understand it, the responsive course can only be created using Rise. In other words, if I created a course using SL-360, it would not be web responsive. I would have to create a duplicate course using Rise. Is this correct?

Storyline 360: Does SL-360 have an end-of-course certificate function or feature built-in or will developer still have to rely on the LMS or other unsupported methods, i.e. js, pdf, report.html modification, et al.?

What new features have been added to improve support for 508 compliancy? For example, is there a built-in function for Closed Captioning?

Preso: Are there any other useful function for this program for the developers that do not have or use iPad or will subscriber be paying for feature that will not be useful?

Content Library: Does the characters available in the content library have more pose options not currently available in SL2, i.e. side/profile and back view?

Thank you,



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