Anyone using dashboard software?

Hi -

for a few years now, I've been using Crystal Xcelsius to make cool little interactions that allow learners to manipulate data  and see the results. It's pretty simple - you set up an Excel spreadsheet with your data and forumulas, create graphs, gauges, etc in Xcelsius, then create a SWF you can import into PPT/Articulate.

 For example, I made an interaction that lets learners run an electric grid - they need to bring in so much power from different generating units (with different prices) without spending too much or creating a blackout.

But, I've purchased a new laptop and my version of Xcelsius is no longer supported, and I can't move it.

So, I'm looking to upgrade or change from Crystal Xcelsius. I've looked at Crystal Presentation Design. It's great, but you can't output to a SWF. For that you have to spend $800 to get Crystal Dashboard. I'd rather not spend an extra $600 for one function.

Anyone use any dashboarding apps, or anything similar?

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