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Hi. I am new to these forums and so apologies if this is a daft question. I am trying to embed an swf file into a presenter slide. The flash file was output from a package called Xcelsius (http://www.sap.com/solutions/sap-crystal-solutions/dashboards-visualization/sapcrystalpresentation/index.epx), though the version I am using is from 2008. The file is an interactive spreadsheet tool for business students. When the swf file is uploaded to a web server, it seems to work fine:

Break-even analysis

However, when I try and insert this as a Flash object in a Presenter slide, it doesn't seem to come up. I have tried changing all the settings, ensured that the movie runs independently of the slide, imported it from a local rather than network drive, but I am still faced with a blank screen when I publish. I know there is a flash object in the output data/swf folder as I can see my file there with fm_ added to the front of the filename. I have also tried putting it in to open in a new browser window. This adds an htm file to the data/swf file as well, but the resulting new web window is blank as well.

Is this a compatability issue with the file or am I doing something daft? I was wondering if anyone else had come across this issue?


Andy Beharrell

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David Anderson

Hi Andy,

Dwayne's probably right about your file being an AS3 file. Another thing to consider is making sure your Flash files don't refer to the _root or _level0 since that's where Presenter's player uses.

Tom put an Xcelsius demo together a while ago: http://www.articulate.com/community/blogdemo/xcelsius/player.html Your files should work if you try Web Objects. 

Andy Beharrell

Many thanks for all the rapid help with this. Works fine using web objects.

Thanks also for the comment about the values - just goes to show you should never let someone with an economics background anywhere near numbers!

I did work out (after posting) that there was lots on this on the archived forums as well and found the really useful ScreenR demo by Brian:

Adding web objects for swf files using Action Script 3.0

Thanks again for the help.