APP Review: Rover iPad FLASH "Browser"

Hi Everyone

I tested Rover, a FLASH "Browser" for iPads. Overall, it works really well.  I accessed content from the Articulate demo pages at as well as from within my LMS.  I had no significant issues from a user perspective. Check out my review and video here.

I've continued digging a bit this morning.  Notice I put browser in quotes.  Technically, Rover is a streaming service.  When sites are accessed, they are actually accessed via Rover's system and then streamed out to your iPad.  Keep that in mind when considering use within an institution.  Many iPads accessing content can take a ton of bandwidth.

However, my review was focused on the user experience and I think Rover does a nice job.  For at home use, for employees and or students, I think Rover is a great way to access dynamic FLASH content. 

Check out my review and let me know what you think.


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Mark Burke

Hi Di....well, you caught me between changes to my blog.  Google hasn't caught up to the DNS change.  So, I grabbed the text from the link and posted below....thanks for following.


Mark T. Burke

News FLASH....iPad FLASH Browser Review...ROVER.

I'll just say this...I think it is fantastic.  Rover, as demonstrated in my video below allows iPad users to access FLASH content.  As you'll see in the video, accessing content through an LMS is no problem for Rover.  Articulate developers...for sure check out Rover.

Now, on to the video.

Find Rover here.

As a follow up....One thing to keep in mind is the data being transferred.  The streaming nature of the service means data is being transferred constantly while accessing pages.  Keep this in mind when considering use in a classroom.  For home use, the data use may not be an issue for a single student. For a class though, the high rate can be an issue.