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Jun 19, 2015

Hey gang, 

Looking for any community members in or around the Ottawa area who would be interested in joining and/or helping me lead an Articulate User Group. If you are, or you know someone who might be, leave a message in the comments and I'll follow up with you! :) 


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Mark Shepherd

Hi Nicole:

I'd like to amend my request to present for 15 minutes.  My plan is to present a brief summary and a few examples of the kinds of things I do in my work plus a few Tips and Tricks related demos of Storyline 2 using a couple of different eL projects.

Looking forward to the 26th! 2 weeks and counting! :)


Mark Shepherd

Hi Nicole:

I've finally gotten around to uploading the Soldier On training course I demonstrated briefly at the meeting. 

It's my first eLearning course module work developed using Storyline 2. 

It's pretty basic, but it does have a pretty AWESOME Video near the end, for those who like good production values. 

Our multimedia (video) producer is super-talented, and I can't wait to be able to use him sometime in the future...;)

To try out my courses, simply click on my picture, to view my profile details.

They should be front and centre there, seeing as I've just added them. 

They also have a nice copy of the Soldier On logo included with them.

Or just click my course links below. ;)

They are both hosted on SCORM Cloud, so they should work OK. 

Haven't had time to test them out fully yet but I checked them out and they launch OK.

English Version:

French Version:

NOTE: These invitation links will expire after a short time, so check them out while they last! ;)

karen lam

Hi Mark,

I am working on a project that have to write some information into the LMS custom fields but I have no knowledge about xAPI. I got some JSON code to write into the LMS with RESTful API but don’t know how to use it in storyline 2. Can you point me to some direction?

Thanks for your response.

Karen Lam
IT/WEB Coordinator
Coordonnatrice de l'IT/WEB
+1 613 521 3340 x3212 (t) | | [cid:011c-0001@01d1842f.26a282ca] [cid:011c-0002@01d1842f.26a282ca]


karen lam

Hi Mark,

In your example, it is using php but my LMS is not using php to communicate. can you help with it? I just don't know how to modify the part below to suit our need. can I contact you by email and ask you for help?

// Post the data to the server. “receiveData” is the name of the callback function. See below.
$.post(“”, { data: dataString}, receiveData, “json”);


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