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Mark Shepherd

Hi Mark:

I feel your pain, LOL! I used to use Adobe Captivate a lot (I used to teach it, also!), but thankfully my new job not only encourages me to use Storyline, they insist on it. ;)

Definitely time for a new Articulate Storyline Ottawa group meeting, for sure!

Looking forward to seeing what people are doing with 360, and I should also (finally) have finished writing up my review and analysis of the suite as well.

Julie Stevenson

Just checking in to see if a date/time has been arranged for the meet up?


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Mark Shepherd

Hi Olivier:

Like Darius, I am also curious as to whether or not the Articulate Ottawa event will be taking place at CFORP this Friday afternoon, March 3, 2017.

When you can, please confirm this date and provide us with any link details to Eventbrite, if necessary.



Mark Shepherd

Hey Nicole:

Never heard back from anyone regarding a possible AUG meeting today. 

I need at least a couple of days of lead time to organize and make arrangements to come, so hopefully something can be rescheduled for a future Ottawa Articulate User Group meeting later (this month, perhaps?)



Nicole Legault

Hey everyone! 

Sorry about the confusion regarding this weeks meeting. I'm on family vacation in Florida this week (poor me, right?) so I wouldn't be able to make this months meeting but despite that I thought it was still a go for today... however I am assuming that's no longer the case since I haven't heard anything from my co organizer and nothing's been sent out in terms of schedule or invites . Apologies for the confusion ! We will get this sorted out and post again in this discussion when we have some concrete plans and a date. Hopefully we can get something coordinated for April. Thanks for your patience and again sorry for any confusion!! 

Nicole Legault

Hey again everyone! Sorry for the confusion about the last meeting.

I'd love to get this user group going again consistently. However, I'm looking for a new room to hold our meetings and also would love to know if anyone else is interested in co-organizing/co-hosting along with me. 

Any ideas or suggestions would be hugely appreciated! Thanks everyone.


Nicole Legault

Hey everyone!

Great meeting yesterday! Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend - special shout out to Alison, John, and Pat who came all the way from Niagara region (!!) and Franklin who came down from Montreal. It's awesome to see people from far and wide are interested in participating. 

So we had some questions come up and I promised Darius I'd post the answers here. 

1) Can I view the images from CL without a subscription? No, you can view templates and characters, but not the images from the CL at this point in time. (Shelley -- I believe you're the one who was asking about this)

2) Do we support .svg format? No

3) What format are the illustrations and images in CL? It depends on where the image was sourced from; some are .png and some are .jpeg. There's a mix. 

4) Preso - will it be available for Android? No plans for that now. 

Hopefully this helps. Brenda and I are going to try to nail down a room for the next time over the next week or so and as soon as we have a date and location. If anyone has a room or space they know about that we can use for free hopefully with wifi but not absolutely necessary, please let me know!!

I'll send out an email to everyone with a link to register once it's all been decided. As we discussed yesterday, we'll all take part in a simple weekly challenge exercise before the next meet-up, so we can all share what we've created and share some tips or best practices we learned along the way. I'll include more details in the email to come. 

Also, here's some links from yesterday that  I talked about that might be helpful:

Great seeing everyone! :)