Assessments and Confidence Levels

Oct 23, 2022

I would like to build a 15-20 question assessment that has various answer scores (some questions/answers receive 10 points, while others might receive values of 2, 3 or 5 points based upon the weight or significance of the question). Then, I would like to know the learner's confidence level that they selected the correct answer on each question. The summary must have the completed assessment answer value, the final assessment confidence value and the final weighted assessment value that includes the confidence score. Do I need to account for the question value difference, e.g., scores that might be 2 points while others might be 10 points or is a final confidence value of 65%  x the total assessment final score sufficient and correctly valid? Does the final printed score report accommodate this scored value with confidence? As you can see, stat was never a favorite subject for me. Thanks for your assistance.

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