Best place to post freelance opportunities?

I have a question for those in the forum that do freelance work.  As someone looking to post  job opportunities for building content modules utilizing articulate, where is the best place for me to go?  I am currently using eLance, but find that the pool of applicants there is limited.  From what I have seen from looking through the forums here, there doesn't seem to be a dedicated job postings section, or something along those lines.  Is there somewhere else that i would be able to reach out to a larger audience of Articulate developers?

I work for a Online security guard licensing company and we are looking to build out multiple modules over the upcoming year, so I am looking to bring more contractors on board to expedite the creation of content.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!


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Linda M.

Hi Allison.  I am a former classroom teacher who is just starting out in the e-learning field.  I've been trying to pick up a few jobs on ELance but no luck yet.  I searched here thinking I might find a few tips and found this thread.  Could you give me some pointers?  What skill gaps are you finding on ELance (if any)?  Or are you not finding people that have the software you want?  And if you have found any great contractors there, what sets them apart?  I would really appreciate it!



(PS, sorry if this isn't ok to post here, I'm new to these boards!)

Don Hernandez

Hello Allison,

I started a company called LearnCreate because I got so frustrated trying to find good instructional designers and developers on eLance and similar marketplaces. The challenge with these generic sites as they relate to Learning Content is that it's extremely difficult to vet providers and manage multicultural projects without investing a significant amount of time. For specialty services such as creating Learning Content, it's also not very attractive for freelancers because they end up being compared to those with extremely limited skills but very low prices.

We try to obtain the best possible value-for-money for corporate clients, while at the same time providing freelancers with higher rates than they would receive by competing in the generic marketplaces.

We're still in our infancy, but currently work with about 150 vetted instructional designers and around 100 developers to provide services to companies looking for courses, modules, videos, and other stuff. Have a look at us here to see if we can help:

Needless to say, many of our providers are "E-Learning Heroes" and can be found right here!

All the best,


Keya Thomas (eNyota Learning)

Hi Allison,

I am probably joining the discussion pretty late but I would like to second what Bruce has suggested here. The community is a great place to find people, solutions, assets.. ..well you just name it!

We are also an eLearning solutions company and have been building modules in a variety of authoring tools. It will be great to share some of our work with you for your future requirements. My team could send you a PM.