Bionic reading - add in available? Accessibility tool

May 17, 2023


Is there a Bionic Reading add in for Rise and Storyline? Is it already available? This would be a helpful tool (especially if it could be toggled on and off by the learner) for neurodivergent learners, but also to increase reading speed and potential improvement in retention of content for all learners.

Here's an example of a Chrome plug in for a webpage for Bionic Reading:


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Sarah Hodge

Hi Robin! 👋 I personally am not aware of any specific bionic reading add-ins, but I can see how that would be helpful. Although it's not the same thing, I know for Storyline 360 courses you can enable accessibility controls to give learners more control over their learning experience, such as accessible text. When learners opt to view accessible text, they can use accessibility tools, such as custom stylesheets or browser extensions, to change how the text appears. 

Here are a few articles about it along with other options:

And for Rise 360, learners can use platform settings, such as custom stylesheets or browser extensions, to personalize the font face, font size, color, contrast, etc. to meet their needs and preferences. 

You may already know about all that, but I thought I'd share just in case.