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May 16, 2012

I am developing an online course to allow the user to once they leave a question they can return to that same question and continue(bookmarking), and also is there a way to do a time delay on the next navigation button, cause my customer wants to have this feature as well.

I am using SCORM 1.2 and I have tested to see if there is a bookmark feature and it seems that there is not nor is there a time delay feature to delay navigation buttons within the course.

I have used Captivate 5 and it allows me to add time delay on my buttons but does not have the bookmark feature, so I really would like any thoughts on this to make this work in Articulate.

Finally is there a limit to how many tabs one can have in the Engage software?

I await your responses.


Richard L. Woods

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Richard, and welcome!

  • Bookmarking: Are you wanting learners to be able to pick up where they left off if they exit a course or quiz and return to it later? If so, then yes, there is a Resume feature in the player template which uses a Flash cookie to remember where the learner was when they last viewed the course. Some LMSs have this feature as well, so if yours does, you might prefer to handle this via your LMS. If you want to explore the Resume feature within your Articulate software, let us know which product(s) you're using and we can point you to it. (For example, here's how to turn that feature on or off in Articulate Presenter.)
  • Time delay on Next button: Are you wanting to prevent the learner from advancing until a slide is finished playing? If so, then yes, you can do that. For example, in Articulate Presenter, you can change the navigation to Restricted which prevents learners from being able to advance to the next slide until they've viewed the full duration of the current slide.
  • Tab interaction limit: You can have up to 20 tabs on a Tabs interaction in Engage. If you need more, you could opt for a different interaction type - for example, I've seen users leverage a Timeline interaction in situations where they need to pack a lot of content into a single interaction. It offers the same click-and-reveal type of behavior, only the clickable items are arranged along a strip on the bottom edge of the slide, rather than as tabs on the left-hand side. A timeline interaction can have up to 100 "events."

Hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

In Quizmaker, you can find the Resume feature by clicking Player Templates > Navigation.

As far as delaying the availability of the Next or Submit button, here's how you could accomplish that. If you set up your quiz navigation as "submit one at  a time," then you could use the following technique which would prevent learners from advancing until you want them to:

Brittney Price

I know this post is a few months old, but is there a way to add the delay in Storyline? I've restricted navigation but the user can still click through pretty fast. With Presenter I worked around it by adding an invisible shape with a 5 second animation. The user had to wait until the slide was ready to advance in order to move to the next slide. (We have to keep users in the course a certain amount of time in order to offer credits for engineers, architects licensing, etc.).

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